• REPREVE® Transforms Nearly 60 Million Recycled Plastic Bottles into Graduation Caps and Gowns

    For Release: 4/30/2015


    Unifi, Inc.’s (UFI: NYSE) REPREVE® recycled fiber will be used in Oak Hall graduation gowns at more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the nation this year. Since the introduction of REPREVE, nearly 60 million plastic bottles have been recycled into Oak Hall GreenWeaver gowns worn by more than 2.2 million students. REPREVE is made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. Each graduation gown is made from approximately 27 bottles.

    Some of the universities making a sustainable commitment through the use of REPREVE-based gowns include:

    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • Duke University • University of Texas • University of Connecticut • University of Maryland • North Carolina State University • Yale University • University of Alabama • Columbia University • University of South Carolina • University of Washington • Louisiana State University • University of Notre Dame • Rutgers University

    “We are excited to be a part of the commitment these universities have made to sustainability, and helping set an example for students and schools everywhere that recycling is something of extreme importance,” said Joseph D’Angelo, President of Oak Hall. “Working with REPREVE to create GreenWeaver gowns made from plastic bottles here in the United States has helped us change the way academic regalia are made and worn, and we’re proud that we have kept nearly 60 million plastic bottles out of the landfill through this program.”

    During the spring 2015 graduation season alone, more than 300,000 students around the nation will graduate wearing Oak Hall REPREVE-based gowns, using more than 8 million recycled plastic bottles. Caps and gowns made with REPREVE are soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant and lightweight. Sustainability comes full circle, as companies like Oak Hall are introducing programs where students can recycle the gowns, ultimately ending up back in REPREVE.

    “It’s inspiring to see colleges and universities across the nation choosing REPREVE-based graduation gowns,” said Roger Berrier, president and chief operating officer of Unifi, Inc. “The 2015 graduation season is a great extension of our #TurnItGreen initiative, in which we have worked with UNC Athletics, NFL’s Detroit Lions, ESPN’s X Games Aspen, and even Feld Entertainment’s Marvel Universe Live! to raise awareness about REPREVE-based products and recycling. Graduation is a new beginning for students to go out into the world and make a difference, and we are happy to be a part of this journey.”

    REPREVE is a leading brand that turns recycled plastic bottles into yarn for products people wear and use every day. Since 2009, REPREVE has recycled more than 2 billion plastic bottles into products made by some of America’s favorite brands, including The North Face, Ford, Quiksilver, Volcom and Haggar.
  • Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI) is a diversified producer and processor of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials. The Company adds value to the supply chain and enhances consumer demand for its products through the development and introduction of branded yarns that provide unique performance, comfort and aesthetic advantages. Key Unifi brands include, but are not limited to: AIO® - all-in-one performance yarns, SORBTEK®, A.M.Y.®, MYNX® UV, REPREVE®, REFLEXX®, MICROVISTA® and SATURA®. Unifi's yarns and brands are readily found in home furnishings, apparel, legwear, and sewing thread, as well as industrial, automotive, military, and medical applications. For more information about Unifi, visit www.unifi.com, or to learn more about REPREVE®, visit www.repreve.com.

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